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2012 Horseshoe Tourney
Horseshoe Tourney on May 12, 2012!!

About the Tournament

Although horseshoes can be a competitive event, our tournament focuses more on the underlying premise behind the event.  That being said, we hope every one goes out and does their best to win. Like in the years prior, teams will draw a number at check in and accordingly be placed in a 72 team bracket.  The first few rounds will consist of "all points count" scoring.  Winners will advance in the bracket.  Losers will be placed in a losers bracket.  Contestants in the losers bracket will continue until they lose a second time in the tournament. In the later rounds of the tournament, the scoring will switch to the standard NHPA scoring rules.  Contestants will continue through their respective brackets until two teams remain. The team in the winners bracket must be beat twice. This will be the process in determining the tournament winner.  At any time a discrepancy in scoring arises, an unbiased party will help determine the proper score. For more information on horseshoes, please refer to the SPHPC website.


  • DJ, Music By....
  • Bounce house for the kids
  • Memorabilia silent auction
  • Raffles
  • 50/50
  • Food and beverages
  • Horseshoe tournament
  • Family & Friends

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